Signage Cost Share Program

Unique and effective signs enhance downtown streetscapes, make the district more user friendly and create visibility for businesses. Because of the importance of effective signage, Main Street Coon Rapids (MSCR) is providing financial assistance to businesses in the MSCR district to install proper signage.

MSCR is offering to have new building address decals applied to businesses in the MSCR district. We are working with South Sign Company (Sara South). If you want to participate in the program, we will have South Sign apply your building’s address to your storefront door.

The address will be placed at the top of the main entrance door window or in the door’s transom window. We will use the same white block font for all addresses. White block letters are the easiest to see from the street. Also, if we are consistent on all buildings with address locations and type style, it will be easier for guests (delivery drivers and customers) to scan the buildings and find the address they are looking for.

While Sara is applying your address to your storefront, it would be a great time to have her also add your logo and store hours to the door. We’ll pay for the address, but you’ll need to contract with Sara to have the rest done. The average cost for a logo/store hour decal would be $75. That covers the design time, decal and installation.  Click here to download the address decal application.

Historic buildings should have signs that are designed to fit the architecture. Business branding and signage should be integrated with the storefront and take advantage of any existing architectural elements or symmetry. To guide you in choosing the right signage to fit your unique building, MSCR has pulled together sign guidelines with the assistance of Main Street Iowa and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties Preservation Briefs. Click here to download the guidelines. 

MSCR also offers a matching mini-grant to assist in new signage. If approved, the grant will pay for 50 percent up to $500 for new building signage. Click here to download the sign mini-grant application.

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