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Selfie spot logoSnap: Take a selfie at any of our great selfie spots in Coon Rapids. Below is a list of our favorites, but feel free to seek out your own.

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Riverside Park Suspension Bridge Riverside river  - selfie spot
Location: North 41° 52.670, West 094° 40.235
East edge of Coon Rapids off County Hwy E63 or Sumpter Avenue

From Riverside Park, guests can access the Carroll County Trail where they can bike, walk or run along the Middle Raccoon River. The suspension bridge was built in 1993 by Carroll County Conservation Commission and was part of a bigger effort to make Riverside Park more accessible as a recreational area.  In addition to the bridge, the county built a new campground just a short drive up E63.  A trail system also connects Riverside Park area to the campground which offers full-hookups and a bathhouse. 
RRiverside bluff  - selfie spotiverside Park Bluffs
Location: North 41° 52.663; West 094° 40.275
East of Coon Rapids off County Hwy E63 or Sumpter Avenue

Riverside Park offers direct access to the Middle Raccoon River. This location is a popular entry point for kayaks and fishermen, and the sandy beach below the rapids is a good spot for local kids to take a dip in the river.  In addition to water access, the site is an excellent location to view the Dakota Sandstone Cliffs. This particular area was included in the hundreds of photographs of geological formations in Iowa taken in the late 19th and early 20th centuries because it showed the Dakota Sandstone cliffs above the dam on the Middle Raccoon River.  Many of the photos were taken by Samuel Calvin, who served the University of Iowa as the Chair of Natural History which at the time which included not only botany and zoology but also geology.  This is what the Dakota Sandstone cliffs look like today.  Check out all the geology-related images digitized for the Department of Geosciences’ Calvin web exhibit.
Sumpter Avenue Bridge Sumpter Bridge  - selfie spot
Location: North 41° 52.512, West 094° 40.225
East edge of Coon Rapids on Sumpter Avenue

While he was in Coon Rapids more than 100 years ago, Samuel Calvin took another photo -- which is also available on the Calvin website exhibit.   That photo shows the original bridge that spanned the Middle Raccoon River at this location.  The photo here is the Sumpter Avenue bridge built in 2003.  It is the third bridge at this location and it replaced what was built in 1922.  This new bridge was the first one to feature a walkway on the north side, allowing pedestrians a safer journey to Riverside Park.
rotating corn - selfie spotRotating Ear of Corn
Location: North 41° 52.203, West 094° 41.262
Intersection of IA Highway 141 and Chestnut Road (west side of Coon Rapids)

Visitors on Highway 141 can find several places to stop and enjoy our art. At the west entrance to town, you’ll find a historic rotating ear of corn that has been a mainstay in the community dating back to the Garst Seed corn company era. The rotating ear was originally located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Highway 141 but was relocated to make way for the hybrid icons in 2008.
Coon Rapids Golf Course golf course  - selfie spot
Location: North 41° 51.997, West 094° 40.551
731 5th Avenue

The Coon Rapids Golf Course is a 9-hole, 5,900 par 70 golf course that features multiple water hazards and sand traps to challenge even the most experienced golfer. A clubhouse with great food and a bar awaits you at the end of your round. The golf course hosts monthly tournaments as well as Men’s Night (Tuesdays), Ladies’ Night (Wednesdays) and Couples’ Night (Fridays). Click here to visit the golf course website.
Hybrid icons hybrid  - selfie spot
Location: North 41° 51.970, West 094° 40.642
Intersection of IA Highway 141 and South 5th Avenue

The hybrid icon installment was created by artist David Dahlquist as part of the city’s Great Places streetscaping project. The hybrid icon consists of three lighted beacons shaped to resemble silo bins with down lighting inside to illuminate the structure at night. The art was designed to encapsulate Coon Rapids’ rich history of hybrid seed corn and its evolution into genetics. Contained in the lanterns are symbols of scientific research: cellular structure, protein building blocks and DNA genomic mapping.

South fifth  - selfie spotSouth Fifth Avenue Bullard
Location: North 41° 52.008, West 094° 40.649
501 South Fifth Avenue

As part of the South Fifth Avenue landscaping plans outlined in the Iowa Great Place initiative, these decorative bullard lights help tell the story of Coon Rapids.  Images of Coon Rapids when it was first a river town, then a railroad town, and its prosperity with hybrid seed corn are represented in glazed terra cotta tiles inlaid on the sides of each bullard.
time and temp clock  - selfie spotTime and temperature clock
Location: North 41° 52.254, West 094°40.725
Corner of Main Street and Sixth Avenue

When the Garst & Thomas Seed Company was in its heyday, their downtown office sign sported a time and temperature clock. From the early 1960s to the late 1990s, that digital clock was a downtown mainstay.   Eventually the seed headquarters moved to Des Moines  and the clock fell into disrepair.  When Duane and Robyn Esdohr moved their Hardware Hank business into the old seed office, they updated the time and temperature sign, much to the delight of the community.
Elliot mural  - selfie spotChad Elliot Mural
Location: North 41° 52.223, West 094° 40.649
East side of Mohr Lumber and Construction building at 500 Main Street

Artist Chad Elliott, a former Coon Rapids resident with deep ties to the community, was commissioned to paint a landscape mural on the east side of the Mohr Construction and Lumber building on Fifth Avenue near Main Street. Elliott was inspired by paintings by famous artist Grant Wood. The resulting mural depicts the Middle Racoon River flowing through the rolling hills south of Coon Rapids.
FrohlichFrohlich’s SuperValu Neon sign
Location: North 41° 52.767, West 094° 41.117
403 Main Street

The Frohlich family has been in the grocery business in Coon Rapids for more than 100 years.  ‘Louie’ Frohlich built a new modern supermarket at the east end of Main Street in 1948, which included this iconic neon ‘Frohlich’s’ name.  The illuminating light has been an effective advertisement for more than 75 years.
boulevard - selfie spotMain Street Boulevard
Location: North 41° 52.250, West 094° 40.564
Main Street between Fourth and Third Avenues

Recently, the Main Street boulevard has been a landscaping project overseen by Main Street Coon Rapids.  However over the years the boulevard has been a project for various civic organizations.  At one time in the 1950s, Mayor Bowman had a martin house placed on the boulevard but decades later, vandals lit it afire.

Veterans Park - selfie spotVeterans’ Memorial Park
Location: North 41° 52.246, West 094°40.594
404 Main Street

Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Coon Rapids honors all Coon Rapids area veterans beginning with World War One who made the ultimate sacrifice. The centerpiece of the memorial was originally built in Afghanistan but found its way to Main Street Coon Rapids where it was dedicated in July 2018. The centerpiece of the park is an Afghanistan memorial – a unique monument that was built by members of a private logistics support company working in Afghanistan and given to the 375th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion as a way to show their support and appreciation. The monument was originally constructed at Camp Leatherneck in the Hellmand Province of Afghanistan to honor five fallen soldiers of the 375th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. One of those soldiers was Shawn Muhr of Coon Rapids who died January 29, 2011 when his military truck was struck by a roadside bomb. Later in 2012 the names of two more fallen soldiers were added. Inspired by the National 9/11 Memorial, the monument consists of a small reflecting pool with fountain, a five-foot-tall Freedom Tower made out of reinforced concrete covered with mirrored plexiglass and a concrete wall measuring seven feet covered with black granite.
golf windmill  - selfie spotSculpture Park: Golf windmill
Location: North 41° 51.631, West 094°40.038
IA-Highway 141 one mile east of Coon Rapids

This installment was erected August 2009 by Allen Bukoff of Detroit, Ml.  His installation is called ‘Golf Club Wind-mill’ and was constructed using an old farm windmill and golf clubs which once belonged to notable golfers who honed their game on the Coon Rapids Colf Club. Bukoff’s father, Sam Bukoff, was a longtime high school golf coach here. Click here for more information about the Sculpture Park.
IreneSculpture Park: Irene
Location: North 41° 51.615, West 094°39.998
IA-Highway 141 one mile east of Coon Rapids

The sculpture is a gift to Coon Rapids from the Dubuque Museum of Art (DuMA). Omaha Nebraska artist Jamie Burmeister created the sculpture along with a team of local artists and project assistants. The nearly 14-foot-high sculptural portrait depicts Irene, a Marshallese community member who came with her family to Dubuque in 2010. It is intended to bring awareness to the significant population of refugees from the Marshall Islands living in the Dubuque area. The sculpture was offered to the City of Coon Rapids by David Schmitz, DuMA’s Executive Director. According to Schmitz, the museum regularly obtains new sculptures and uses them to replace older ones. The older ones are given to deserving communities who have active public art programs. Click here for more information about the Sculpture Park.
plow  - selfie spotSculpture Park: Shaping the Landscape Installment
Location: North 41° 51.603, West 094° 39.979
IA-Highway 141 one mile east of Coon Rapids

Matt Farley’s sculpture project took the better part of two years of conceptual thinking, design and fabrication. The art, which he calls “Shaping the Landscape”, is constructed almost entirely from recycled materials, including angle iron from several dismantled windmills and around 1,800 plastic planter plates. Farley is a Wichita, KS, native and a 2008 art graduate from the University of Kansas with an emphasis on sculpture. Click here for more information on this installment.
Garst  - selfie spotHistoric Garst Farmhouse
Location: North 41° 51.600, West 094°40.226
1390 IA-Highway 141

On September 23, 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev spent a day learning about American agriculture at Roswell and Elizabeth Garst’s farmstead on the edge of Coon Rapids.  In honor of the historic 1959 visit and Garst’s role in the exchange, a replica of Yevgency Vuchetich’s “Let Us Beat Swords Into Ploughshares” statue was installed and dedicated on the east side of the Garst farm house. Click here for more information.
River Campground river bluffWRC bluff - selfie spot
Location: North 41° 48.964, West 094° 38.791
1314 Fig Avenue

Whiterock Conservancy is a 5,500 acre non-profit land trust that balances sustainable agriculture, natural resource protection, and public recreation on the landscape. Located near Coon Rapids, along seven miles of the Middle Raccoon River valley, we are open to the public every day for recreation and exploration. The River Campground is an excellent location for camping and provides easy access to the river, trail system and fishing ponds. This bluff overlooks the sandy beach used most often by kayakers to exit the river after a gentle float down the river. Click here for more information.
WRC visitor center - selfie spotWhiterock Conservancy Visitors Center
Location: North 41° 51.320, West 094°39.620
1436 Highway 141

Whiterock Conservancy provides opportunities for the public to experience and learn from this landscape, with over 40 miles of trails for walkers, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, equestrians, paddlers, and those with mobility limitations through the use of low-powered vehicles. In addition to our trails, Whiterock offers accommodations, camping, fishing, stargazing, and other outdoor activities.  The visitor center provides great views of the surrounding landscape and information for guests. Click here for more information.
sports complex  - selfie spotCity Sports Complex
Location: North 41° 52.767, West 094°41.117
925 North Street

Located a short walk from the Coon Rapids-Bayard School, the outdoor sports complex is the home of the city’s Aquatic Center, city park playground, shelter house, sand volleyball, basketball court, tennis court/pickle ball court, softball field, and disc golf course. Click here for more information.


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