Kiss a Barnyard Animal Auction

Who will kiss a barnyard animal? Your donation makes the choice.
Donate online to Main Street Coon Rapids in the name of the person(s) below who you’d like to see kiss a barnyard animal. The five with the most money donated in their names will kiss a live barnyard animal during the Downtown Dash and Dine Saturday, September 3.

Voting ends August 14, place your votes today! Voting ends August 14. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

1. Click on the link in one of the columns below that corresponds with the person you want to vote for.
2. The link will take you to a PayPal site that accepts most major credit cards.
3. Enter the amount you want to donate.
4. Select the name of the person you are voting for.
5. Follow the prompts to enter your PayPal or credit card information.

Click here to vote for one of the following:

  1. Paula Davis
  2. Mike Deeth
  3. Adam Esdohr
  4. Cassie Esdohr
  5. Jacob Esdohr
  6. Jon Esdohr
  7. Jessica Heydon
  8. Janelle Kracht

Click here to vote for one of the following:

  1. Katie Mason
  2. Amy McAlister
  3. Brad McAlister
  4. Kaitlyn McAlister
  5. Cory Meyer
  6. Ken Pingrey
  7. Mike Rudolph
  8. Jake Shirbroun
  9. Bryan Spangler
  10. Joe Stitz 

BONUS: Do you want to pick the kissing animal? At the event, a live auction will take place in which five people in the crowd can bid to have the honor of selecting the animal(s) the nominees have to kiss. The higher the bids, the more animals our nominees will have to kiss. Don’t miss out on this fun event, register by August 20 to get your ticket to the Downtown Dash and Dine. Click here to download the registration form.

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