1. Establish MSCR Website 
    • Volunteer Job Postings 
    • Board member headshots/inventory and board group photo 
  2. Monthly Newsletter 
    • Distribute via MailChimp, Website, Library, Facebook 
    • Modified summary: Newspaper, Channel 3, Digital Board 
  3. Fundraising Plan to collect pledges 
    • Utilize USPS services to mail out to 50058 zip codes 
    • CR-B Alumni? 
  4. Volunteer Recognition Plan 
    • Volunteer of the Year based on hours 
    • Stickers/Signs: “I Volunteer for MSCR” 
  5. Establish MSCR Speakers Bureau 
    • Presentations on MSCR to other groups/organizations in Coon Rapids 
  6. Volunteer tracking 
    • Database  
    • Local business employee volunteer program 
  7. Research Digital Board for Main Street 
  8. Host an annual meeting to celebrate first year of Main Street, recognize volunteers 
    • Begin planning Feb/March 
    • Coordinate with Promotions Committee 
    • Combine into Fundraiser Opportunity? Or two separate events? 
    • Hold in August to celebrate first year 
  9. CR-B Graduation Cards/Gifts (May 2020) 
    • 2021 
  10. New board member training/succession planning 


To volunteer or for questions, contact co-chairs Quinn Wurzer or Liz Larscheid.


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406 Main Street, Coon Rapids, IA 50058 | 712-999-GROW | [email protected]
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      City of Coon Rapids
      City of Coon Rapids
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