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Main Street Coon Rapids utilizes the Main Street Four Point approach to revitalization. The "4 Points Approach" addresses the four forces that effect real estate value; social, physical, political and economic. These forces are represented in the Main Street approach as Organization, Promotion, Economic Restructuring & Design. The success of the Main Street approach to revitalization is based on its comprehensive nature. By carefully integrating four points into a practical downtown management strategy, the local Main Street program will produce fundamental changes in a community's economic base, while preserving its historic commercial buildings and the community's unique heritage. The goal is to create a sustainable organization that functions as the revitalization leader in the community.

We have created four teams each focused on one of the Main Street points.


The Design team is responsible for implementing all the aspects of the Transformation Strategy that involve physical and visual components, including building rehabilitation, infill development, public spaces, signs, window displays, logos, transportation and parking. Design team members might include people with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, product design, graphics, visual merchandising, historic preservation, and civil engineering, as well as people with a strong appreciation for an understanding of the physical characteristics that help make an older or historic commercial district work well.

Economic Vitality

The Economic Vitality team is responsible for improving the economic performance of the district. Its responsibilities include helping existing businesses better meet the needs of customers and expand their sales, developing and attracting new businesses, ensuring that adequate capital is available to support business and property development, and creating and managing tools and incentives to encourage and support business and property development. Economic Vitality team members might include people with expertise in business management, real estate development, finance, or economic development.


The Organization team is responsible for ensuring that the revitalization program has the financial resources, volunteers, and partnerships it needs to accomplish its mission and to successfully implement each Transformation Strategy. This team might be broken into small task forces with targeted focuses like fundraising. Organization team members might include people with expertise in business management, public and/or media relations, fundraising, organizational development, project management, or leadership.


The Promotion team is responsible for marketing the district to area residents, district workers, visitors, investors and others. Its responsibilities include planning and implementing three specific types of promotional programming:
• Special events and festivals
• Business and retail promotional activities
• Image-building activities
This team may be broken into smaller task forces with targeted focuses like “Famers Market Committee”. Promotion team members might include people with expertise in marketing, advertising, event planning, website design, graphics, public relations, and retail management. Special events and festivals also simply need lots of volunteers to help staff and ensure smooth implementation. These events offer a great opportunity to involve school groups, civic organizations, social clubs, and other civic-minded organizations.


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