Building Design Guidelines

The City of Coon Rapids advocates/endorses the following guiding principles in rehabilitation, renovation, remodeling and new construction activities within the Main Street Coon Rapids District. These guidelines are offered to help the property owner and developer make sound investment decisions in the building improvements while enhancing the area’s historic character.

DO — Recommendations for Historic Renovation:
• The traditional configuration of the storefront opening should be maintained, with the original storefront line along the sidewalk being maintained or restored.
• Storefront window display areas should be considered an important part of the retail marketing strategy in the downtown area. Large street level display windows should be retained as part of remodeling or new construction.
• If the storefront has been altered substantially, attempt to bring back original historic proportions throughout the use of design elements, even if they are not a restoration of the original. Avoid altering, concealing or removing historic details when renovating existing older buildings.
• The original facade, materials and ornamentation, should be maintained and/or restored. Missing facade elements should be replaced with new materials that match the original as closely as possible.
• Coverings that obliterate the size and shape of upper story windows should be removed.
• The horizontal alignments or architectural components such as store front windows, kick plates, first story cornices, parapet cornices and window sills should be recreated or restored.
• Unless damaged beyond repair, architectural designs on the parapet should be maintained
• The mass, volume and height of new buildings should be compatible with existing buildings in the immediate area.
• Selected building materials should complement and be compatible with existing buildings in the immediate area.
• Exterior remodeling should be designed to consider the entire building facade. The ground floor exterior should be designed to harmonize with the upper stories.
• Existing buildings and structures should be recognized as products of their own time. Alterations which have no historical basis are discouraged.

DO — Color choices: As you choose colors to beautify your building, please consider ones that would also complement surrounding buildings and coordinate with the overall attempt to restore historical beauty to our Business District. The Main Street office is available to offer assistance with color choices.  Here are some links to help you with color choices.
- Color Schemes
- Paint
- Historic Color ideas I (check with local paint retailers for purchase assistance)
- Historic Color ideas II (check with local paint retailers for purchase assistance)

Don’t — For Rehabilitation and Remodeling, the following are prohibited:
• Adding elements that are not original to the building exterior, such as aluminum, vinyl, stucco, spray foam or fiberglass siding or roofing materials corrugated or beveled metal siding, highly tinted or mirrored glass, or corrugated fiberglass.
• Any material that attempts to mimic conventional building materials. For example: fiberglass panels that are molded to look like brick, or imitation metal rock work.
• Concrete block or brick larger than 4 inches in height, 12 inches in length
• New window openings or eliminating original window openings.
• Changing the roof design or style where visible from the ground
• Roof heating/cooling units visible from the street level
• Vinyl and metal screen/storm doors
• Astro turf, indoor-outdoor carpeting
• Removing or destroying original transom windows
• Removing, concealing or covering a cornice
• Removing, concealing or covering a parapet

For More Information/Questions: Contact the Main Street Director at 712-999-4769 or [email protected]

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